Which Coffee Beans are Best for latte

Which Coffee Beans are Best for latte

There are so many different terminologies in coffee making and drinking that your head might just swirl. You must have heard of espressos. Espresso beans are darker from a longer roast and more finely ground than regular coffee beans.  Well, they are where latte come from. So how exactly do you choose the best beans for a perfect cup of latte? That is what we discuss here.

Getting the perfect latte is a serious business. Perfection is achieved when you mix equal parts of espresso, heated milk, and wet milk foam. It does not matter how big the cup is to be, these ingredients must be mixed in a ration of 1:1:1. You will derive a rich texture and flavor that is hard to beat.


Some of the best coffee beans for latte are a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. But a lot of people prefer to use Arabica beans because it does not have the rubbery taste of robusta species. However, for those more interested in the caffeine concentration inside their cup, robusta is the one they want.

The reason for Arabica’s generally more accepted taste is that it has a lipid content of about 60% more than Robusta. It also has about twice the sugar content. But Robusta beats it in value for money. It is easier to grow and more resistant to pests this means that it is more organically grown and cheaper to purchase.

Though as a general rule, Robusta is considered of lower quality than Arabica, this is not always the case. Top shelf Robusta will surpass Arabica at the lower end of the spectrum. But it is not easily found and Robusta is usually used as a cost reducer or filler. You can tell the two beans apart by their shape if you look carefully. Robusta has more circular beans while Arabica is more oval.


By: Khaled Alshgran

Instagram: Khaled_Alshgran