Espresso Machine ELEKTRA VERVE

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Elektra Verve is the result of research. It is a style. It is a way of being that gives freedom of expression to every coffee lover.

  • 1 Group
  • Integrated 5 litre tank
  • Steam boiler capacity L 1.6
  • Boiler Group cc 140
  • Preinfusion (0 to 20 seconds)
  • Voltage V 230-115
  • Frequency Hz 50/60
  • Boiler Power W 1000
  • Group power W 600
  • Rotary Pump


  • Double boiler: Independent coffee and steam boiler
  • Dry Steam: Stainless steel steam boiler
  • Flexibility of use: Water supply or integrated 5l tank
  • WiFi connection: Setting via Smartphone
  • Professional Kit: Rotary pump and professional unit
  • Materials wanted: Stainless steel bodywork + wooden panels

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