Espresso Machine Synesso S300 Black

Sale price7,150.000 BD


Synesso's S200 is a low-profile volumetric machine designed to be a true workhorse, with barista-friendly features like ambidextrous steam wands, shifter-style paddle groups, and more.

The S200 packs quite a lot of power and consistency into its small frame, and naturally carries Synesso's reputation for temperature stability and reliability. Each group uses an electronic paddle control with two programmable volumetric settings - initiated by shifting the paddle left or right. A purge function is also available using the arcade-style button on the panel just behind the group head, so you can quickly flush the group and rinse your portafilter. Each group has an independent 1.9 L boiler with PID temperature control, which offers more flexibility for shops offering quite different coffees for espresso. For added temperature stability, water is pre-heated in heat exchange tubes within the steam boiler before heading on to the brew boilers, so you can rely on your brew water staying at temp even on the busiest days.

On the steam side, the S200 features cool-touch steam wands with plenty of reach and flexible positioning, and either 4- or 6-hole steam tips. Unique to the S200 are the ambidextrous steam actuators, which can be set to either the inside or outside position at will. Prominent shot timers and brew pressure gauges make it easy for the barista to track shot performance, and a convenient hot water tap is placed right between the groups for easy access from either side of the machine.

Like Synesso's other machines, programming is handled through a wired controller attached to the machine. Setting up new profiles is a breeze, with quick access to brew boiler temperatures, pre-infusion time, and volumetric pulses. Programs can be crafted independently for each group, or copied between them for convenience.



  • S200 Espresso Machine
  • External rotary pump
  • 3 x portafilters with precision 18g baskets (2 bottomless and 1 double spouted)
  • Water supply lines and drain hose
  • Backflush blank
  • Backflush detergent
  • Tamper


  • Programmable volumetric profiles - 2 per group
  • Shift-style electronic paddle groups
  • Large group displays with shot timers
  • 9 bar purge buttons
  • Hot water wand with cold water mix valve
  • Multi boilers with independent temperature control
  • Programmable pre-infusion
  • No-burn steam wands with 4 or 6-hole tips
  • Ambidextrous steam actuators
  • Handheld computer controller included
  • Adjustable height drip tray
  • 1.9 L coffee boilers
  • 7.7 L steam boiler
  • 2+ year warranty (see product manual for warranty details

Hmmba provides a one year parts and labour warranty and a two year parts warranty on all Synesso machines sold in the Kingdom of Bahrain. So if you have any issues with your Synesso during this period, please contact us via our Contact Us page.
The two year parts warranty is under the proviso that a regular preventative maintenance schedule has been maintained.

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