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Etnica displays are professional espresso coffee machines - the highest type of Etnica model. Automatic, with indoor groups and a display, represents an indivisible link between history and the present, where the future is the interplay of state-of-the-art technology with the experience of working things from times past. 

Etnica display are professional coffee machines available in automatic dispensing with normal and elevated groups E61 (2 groups and 3 groups) with programmable serving dispensing, dual indicators for boiler and pump pressure, manual and automatic hot water dispensing, rotary professional pump with water cooling, electric heating of the upper surface for mugs, boiler and flanges made of copper, fittings made of brass, frame made of polished stainless steel in a "mirror effect" and with satin patterns - stainless steel AISI 304.

In these professional coffee machines, the alphanumeric display allows you to schedule the following functions: coffee machine on / off, top heater operating temperature, water softener regeneration warning, autosteammer temperature. In addition, it allows you to display the following data: functional test / error messages, coffee counting for individual groups and total counts, water temperature in the boiler, pressure in the boiler.

Optional extras: electronic autosteamer (milk frother), LED desktop lighting, hot water mixer, raised groups, external rotary pump, automatic frother - cappuccino maker, serial interface for external connection, wooden kit (filter holders and dispensing wheels / joysticks) ) aesthetic possibilities and adaptation.

All Etnica coffee machines The Etnica display and TT display are also available with different aesthetic options: even with steel side walls and back panel or with matt steel lacquer (white, black, light blue retro and rusty brown) (super-mirror steels with satin texture ) sidewalls. In addition, you can have different colors of methacrylate border: black, white, green, red, yellow, orange, blue and purple.


Rotary powerful pump inside the coffee machine, the pump motor is water cooled .

CTS heat exchanger system 

large boiler in the coffee machine:

12 lt. - two-group design

E61 coffee dispensing heads

The coffee machine frame is made of high-quality AISI 304 steel, polished or ground finish

the flanges and the boiler are made of copper, the pipes are made of brass, all in the highest quality

water supply to the coffee machine is automatic, even if necessary manual

double indicators for boiler pressure and pump pressure

valve for manual draining of the boiler under the cover

dispensing keypad with LED function key - 6 programmable coffee sizes

electromechanical button for manual coffee dispensing  works even in case of eg non-functional keyboard (only for 2-3 group versions)

indication of switched on coffee machine or switched on top surface heating

illuminated front panel with coffee machine logo (can be switched off)

electric heating of the upper surface 

transparent control gauge for the water level in the boiler

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