What bean is best for cold brew?

  Cold-brew is a process of brewing coffee where the beans are soaked in water that's at room temperature, which is about 24-35 degrees for a period of 12-24 hours or longer with an end result of a smooth, highly caffeinated coffee that can then be served hot or cold.

Coffee can be very complex and a lot of factors are to considered when brewing but with cold brewing, a lot of these variations honestly aren’t important compared to other methods of brewing. A few things are to be noted however when it comes to cold brewing.

What type of roast should I be looking for?

Should you be looking for a dark, medium or light roast for your cold brew?  the answer to that question is that it all depends on your preference. the roast of the coffee doesn’t affect the quality of the cold brew, although different roasts will produce different results.

A dark roast will tend to produce a more chocolatey or nutty flavor while a light roast will have a floral or fruity flavor. Although od people also tend with darker roasts because they were more affordable and easier to access than lighter roasts.

What type of grind am I looking for?

Although the roast might be a flexible variety they size of the grind is an important factor to take note of. You'll need a coarse grind that feels gritty like sand, a coarse grind will begin Deeping faster and easier than a fine grind a and you can extract the sweet flavor that would prove to be worth the effort.

what beans should I be searching for?

Well, again that's all depends about you in terms of which notes are you looking for? chocolate, nuts, fruity, high acidity or less  


By: Khaled Alshgran

Instagram: Khaled_Alshgran