Warranty Terms 

  1. HMMBA warrants that, during the Warranty Period, the Product will, with normal use and service, be free from faulty or defective parts.  All parts and labor as a result of the defect of the machine will be covered within the warranty period. Warranty does not cover wear, abuse, scratches and damages resulting from the transit of machine to and for service points.
  2. HMMBA excludes all liability in respect of the Product for any other loss that is not reasonably foreseeable from a failure of this Product. Which may include liability for negligence, damages from use, loss of expenditure associated with the Product and loss of enjoyment.
  3. Warranty is valid only for Products that are purchased from HMMBA.
  4. Warranty only applies where a defect has arisen, wholly or substantially, as a result of faulty manufacture, parts or workmanship during the Warranty Period.
  5. The warranty does not apply where other factors cause damage. Including without limitation: 
  6. Abuse, mishandling, accident or failure to follow operating instructions.
  7. Breakage. 
  8. Exposure to liquid (excluding water in the case of waterproof products) or infiltration of foreign particles.
  9. Servicing or modification of the Product other than by HMMBA.
  10. Use of the Product with unsuitable beans.
  11. Use of the Product with other accessories, attachments, product supplies, parts or devices that do not conform to HMMBA specifications. 
  12. Wearing off Teflon coating.
  13. Overheating of the boiler due to no water supply.
  14. Buildup of scaling.
  15. Damage of grinder for grinding other material.
  16. Damage of the grinder from frozen beans leads to extra moisture.
  17. Shipment or other transit.
  18. Warranty does not cover the replacement of any consumables such as valves, gaskets, pumps and burrs.
  19. The removable spares of any machines such as portafilters, water tanks, drip trays, pipes, whisks, lids, power supplies, steam wands, water taps, hoppers and containers.




Warranty Conditions

All machines come with a minimum 1 year warranty on manufacturer defects

In order to obtain and schedule a warranty related repair, please contact us at Info@Hmmba.com.

You can contact us there if you have any questions about our warranties before purchasing as well.

We will then provide you with an authorization number which you can use to track your warranty repair status.

Warranty by Brand (Different Warranties Apply to Different Brands):

Slayer, Synesso, Keesvanderwesten, Sanremo

  • 1-Year Warranty with proof of purchase on all parts on manufacturer defects. Labor may be extra depending on the product. Please contact us for additional warranty details by machine. Repair and installation facilities in Bahrain Only. 

Lelit, Elektra, ECM, Orchestrale  

  • 1 year on manufacturer defects. Labor may be extra depending on the product.
  • Repair services will occur in Hmmba facility only. 
  • Lack of water in the internal boiler, not just the water reservoir, can damage the heating element – these cases are not handled under warranty as this is not a defect of the machine. Customer should watch the water intake hose (where applicable) when starting for the first time to insure water is being drawn in. If not, they should stop machine immediately and contact us.
  • All water should be drained from internal boiler before shipping machines.
  • All DAMAGE claims must be reported within (2) days of receipt/delivery and the equipment must NOT be used. Customers should not use the equipment and must keep all original packaging. 
  • All Defects On Arrival (DOA) must be reported within (2) days of receipt/delivery. 
  • All claims for missing item(s) and/or component(s) must be reported within (2) days of receipt/delivery. 


Lelit Bianca, Elizabeth, Mara x, Gaggia, & ECM Home Line

  • These machines are for home use only, not for commercial or heavy use.



  • 1 Year Parts and Labor on all Eureka grinders


What is Covered by the Warranty:

  • Manufacturer Defects

Not Covered by Warranty:

  • Plastic and Wearable Parts
  • General Wear and Tear and normal deterioration such as: gaskets, filters, grinder burrs, plastic parts such as bean hoppers, etc.
  • Issues caused by water damage from poor water quality which can result in scale build up.
  • Any damage caused by an accident, misuse or abuse, not performing necessary maintenance and/or cleaning, faulty installations, mishandlings, damage during shipment, line power shortage, line power surge or anything external that may have caused damage.
  • Using the product outside of what it was intended to do.
  • Using non-original parts to do repairs on the product.
  • Any service from any third party outside of Hmmba or our partners will void the warranty. This includes onsite labor or at a third party facility. We also do not cover costs for repairs that have not gone through Hmmba General Trade.
  • Factors otherwise referred to as Acts of God (fire, floods, weather, etc).
  • Will not cover expedited shipping costs to perform repairs or shipping costs after the first 30 days.


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