Meet the Coffee Experts Behind Hmmba | Hmmba Specialty Coffee Marketplace

Serving Millions Through Delicious Cups of Specialty Coffee.

At Hmmba, we believe in providing Bahrain with the coffee tools, equipment, and accessories they need.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the best selection of coffee tools, accessories, and equipment to the Bahrain market. We work along with the top brands that serve the right espresso, brewing, and barista tools to the specialty coffee community. We also work in raising awareness about specialty coffee, roasting, coffee tools, espresso machines, and coffee grinders through our Blog and social networking

Our History

The founders of Hmmba saw how important coffee is to residents of Bahrain. It's what brings people together, unites families, and creates friendships. However, many people didn't have the at-home brewing equipment they needed to craft truly delectable beverages. That's why we chose to create our marketplace. Today, we're a provider of specialty coffee tools and equipment so that locals can serve up tasty cups of coffee and enjoy this age-old tradition.

Exclusive Collections

We offer hundreds of specialty coffee products that are available in packages exclusive to the Hmmba marketplace. Find all the tools you need to create coffee-shop-grade beverages.

Global Coffee Selections

Our specialty coffee is sourced from all around the world. We bring unique flavors from the farthest corners of the earth so that you can enjoy them here in Bahrain. 

Coffee Experts

We have a deep love for coffee, which is what has enabled us to create a community of coffee experts. We support you on your coffee-making journey no matter how you prefer to craft your brew.

Connect With Us

Are you ready to start your coffee journey? Get in touch and we'll help make your dreams a reality.

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