SANREMO YOU Multi Boiler Espresso Machine

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Single group, multi boiler, professional - This model is designed to provide the coffee world with a machine that can be described as a taste laboratory: compact dimensions, great performance, and an ability to exalt the aromas of any type of coffee.

  • Color options and additional technical information coming soon
  • Extraction profiles are customizable and storable
  • 6 standard profiles with optimal parameters preset
  • 12 profiles completely customizable by intervening in all 3 extraction phases, and with the ability to totally disable pre-infusion and post-infusion
  • your settable manual profiles directly from the Paddle

MULTI BOILER: Both boilers, coffee, and services are in AISI 316 stainless steel.

CONSTANT STABILITY: Even after prolonged dispensing, thanks to the electronic control of pressure and temperature.

3 CONFIGURATIONS: with a water tank, with connection to the water mains, full with both possibilities.

VOLUMETRIC PUMP: A new generation of 70 liters allows profiling.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Two eco /on-off modes: automatic and manual.

ERGONOMICS: Start/stop levers to activate water and steam with just one click and steam and water wands Cold Touch.

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