Espresso Machine SYNESSO MVP HYDRA - 2 GROUP

Sale price8,990.000 BD


Building on the numerous tools provided by the MVP,  the MVP Hydra offers even more ways to simultaneously increase control and repeatability in espresso making. In addition to the universal group heads with changeable brew modes, 6 program positions per group, the new standard timer displays, and water count control, the MVP Hydra provides the ability to fine tune your coffee recipes on an even deeper level.

Features of the MVP Hydra by Synesso

  • The original Hydra was developed to experiment with and explore the role that pressure plays in espresso extraction.  Mark Barnett, Synesso’s designer & founder, redesigned the water inlet system, adding individual pumps and motors per group to make each group into its own autonomous brewing system.  Doing so meant uninterrupted pressure on every group, even in the highest volume environment.
  • Standard on the MVP Hydra is our unique bypass system that offers 4 programmable stages of pressure profiling- Pre-infusion, Ramp Up, Full Pressure (9 bar extraction), and Ramp Down. You can set these stages to maximize the acids, sugars, and texture of your coffees.  Using these stages allows far greater command of an espresso shot and affords the user the ability to get the very most of any particular roast profile.
  • Now, with the MVP technology you can perfect all of your recipes with manual control, save them to any available program position, and run them for as long as desired. If only small changes are needed, you have the ability to fine tune ANY parameter on the wired controller. 

Details and Specifications:

    • Individual Pump and Motor per Group
    • 4 Stage Pressure Ramping
    • Interchangeable Brew Function - M, MP, & VP
    • New standard Shot Timers with Program Markers, and Brew Graph
    • New Low Profile Brew Handles
    • Separate Lower Side Panel for Easy Access
    • Individual Brew Boilers
    • Programmable Temperature per Group
    • Programmable Pre-infusion per Group
    • Adjustable Total Water Count
    • Group tops with NO WEAR PARTS- Now With Hall Effect Switch
    • New Piezo Hot Water Button
    • Simultaneous Auto Back Flush
    • Power Save Mode • Cool Touch Steam Wands
    • Removable Heat Exchangers
    • Polished and Brushed Stainless Steel with Black Nickel Accents, and MVP HYDRA Trim 

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